Meet Marley

Since we are still getting to know each other please let me introduce you to my dog, Marley.

 Yes… I know… you have yet to meet Eron, my husband, but Marley cannot wait any longer. She is just begging for attention!

When Eron and I got married we knew we would be adding a fury addition to our family. We both wanted to wait until we were settled, financially stable… You know how things are… A dog is a big commitment. Right?  We just wanted to make sure we could provide for the fur-ball and give her all the love we had!

Well after about six months or so we couldn’t wait any longer and, things just sort of happened. We checked a few ads, made a few visits to the Humane Society of Wichita Falls, and BOOM, we were bringing home Marley.

What can I say she wagged her tail… licked our faces… and peed on the tile to seal the deal.

Jenny, my mother-in-law was fully supportive, offering plenty of kind advice for us as new puppy parents! In all seriousness my mother-in-law is truly a blessing to my life. Eron and I have both said over and over again how thankful we are for such great parents.

Ok. Back to Marley…

She is part Golden Retriever, possibly part Great Pyrenees, and we have had her for almost a year now. She will be making regular appearances on my blog mostly because a lot of the humor around our home comes from her and I want to share in our joy!

By the way… I plan to make more posts happen earlier in the day because I treasure my sleep! My perfect bedtime is ten o’clock, so hopefully this wont be a regular occurrence!

Oh, and I have been snacking on some grapes and raw almonds while typing up this post. Yummy!


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