Pumpkin Season

Grocery shopping at the beginning of the month = pure happiness! We have been having “creative” leftovers the past couple days. For example lunch was some leftover ground turkey, a browning avocado half and some taco seasoning mashed together. Potatoes and broccoli on the side. I swear it tastes better than it looks!!

I tried heating an already charred sausage up on the skillet for Eron, but he ended up going with some Ramen for lunch. Needless to say our trip to Sams and Aldi was a BIG one.

We aren’t perfect at the budgeting thing, but it is a learning process. We buy in bulk and shop at different stores to try and save money. I would really like to start planning my weekly meals in advance, but I am not quite that skilled yet! Typically we stay just under $200 a month in groceries.

At Sam’s we got:

  • eggs
  • two bushels of bananas (one to freeze for smoothies)
  • frozen fruit
  • frozen veggies
  • greek yogurt
  • chicken breast
  • sliced turkey meat
  • cheese (for Eron)
  • brussel sprouts
  • rotel
  • truvia
  • and the most exciting purchase of the year—–> Thomas pumpkin spice english muffins and bagel thins

I have NEVER seen pumpkin spice bagel thins before and it is brilliant! Here is our shopping cart :

After Sam’s we scooted on over to Aldi and finished up our shopping trip with:

  • almond milk
  • skim milk
  • bell peppers
  • carrots
  • zucchini
  • avocado
  • cream cheese (for the bagels)
  • grapes
  • pineapple
  • and another deal of the day —-> cute mini pumpkins!

One way or another these mini pumpkins will be involved in some crafting this week.

When we got home I quickly slid a pumpkin spice bagel into the toaster oven. Patience and pumpkin spice don’t go well together for me. Eron stole a HUGE bite before he jetted to bible study.

After eating I attempted to make some cinnamon protein muffins. They tasted ok, but are not quite ready for me to share!

I worked out this morning by running 3.1 miles outside and finished with some heavy lifting at the YMCA.

I was very happy with my workout! I burned 659 calories and my heart rate averaged at 164! Tomorrow will be an active rest day for sure. Yoga sounds nice. Anyways, I am off to spend some quality time with the hubs!

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3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Season

  1. Clair

    I love this!
    xoxo- Clair

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