Not Just Serendipity defines serendipity as:

:the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it. Coming across this definition by was a serendipity moment for me because it was “delightful” to read that there is a relationship between serendipity and solving a design problem in information technology. Some of you might not know this, but I am pursuing a Masters in Information and Library Science. This semester I am taking a systems analysis and design class, and I plan to continue my education focused on digital information.

According to, coming across a “valuable” site while browsing the web is also a very common moment of serendipity. This happens to me quite often, for instance the day I discovered Dashing Dish, I was surfing the net for healthy recipes. I came across so much more than just healthy recipes, when I stumbled on Katie Farrell’s Dashing Dish. Katie is very talented at creating delicious healthy recipes, as well as, encouraging others in their journey to be fit. Her testimony of how God has spoken to her throughout her journey, has been a way God has spoken to me through mine.

” People use the word serendipity to infer that the stars have aligned and the circumstances of their lives have persistently pointed them in a direction. The unbelieving person would call it karma, fate, or coincidence. But the believer knows that behind serendipity stands the sovereign One who seeks to speak to us and lead us in His ways.” –Priscilla Shirer, Discerning the Voice of God

I read that quote today and have been thinking about all the occasions of serendipity in my life this past month. Looking back (not far, maybe just to yesterday) I can see that God has been persistently confirming what He is telling me through people, bible studies, the radio and other experiences. His persistence to confirm is “delightful.” It is “valuable,” and it is divine. Divine serendipity.

The persistent  ways God speaks to us made me think of this verse:

I Corinthians 14:33 
For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace...”

Anything we think the Lord is speaking to us will be confirmed by His word, the holy spirit or an experience. I couldn’t before, but I am finally seeing God’s confirmation in my life through small moments of what might be called serendipity!

This morning was a complete success because not only was I able to appreciate God’s recent communication on my life, but I got in a wonderful run + some intervals! I used my Garmin watch to track my distance!


Post run I had an egg in a hole!



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2 thoughts on “Not Just Serendipity

  1. Sue Potysman

    Not sure why but this reminded me of a lovely – serendipitous – meeting at work. A fellow dressed in a way that spoke of hard times came in looking at DVD’s and when I approached to ask if I could help he literally shoved 2 dvd’s at me, smiling though. I was not sure what he said because his speech told me immediately that he was deaf. I knew he wanted the 2 dvd’s so I did a little sign language (not) and waved him to the checkout and I was smiling and he was laughing and it was such a happy moment – for no real reason…he was just such a happy guy. When I had checked him out I attempted to sign thank you and he flat out laughed at me and signed -No, thank You and sauntered happily out. Meeting him has stuck with me because he personified my absolute favorite thing – “joie de vivre” – joy of life:)

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