Set the Mood Monday: Goals

It’s Monday and it’s nap -time go time! Time to set the mood to determine the attitude for the rest of the week! Even if you have had a sleepy (I know I have) Monday morning it’s not too late to get excited about the week! Mood setting Mondays are  also clear windows to the busy week ahead of everyone, so it is the perfect day to set some goals. 

My Goals

1. No more than 25 grams of added sugar per day. Because it is the holiday season and because I work at a Cupcakery, I am tempted by sweet treats daily! I believe that , in moderation, sweets can and should be enjoyed. However, I want to be more aware of the sugar I am taking in on a daily basis in order to maintain that balance.  That is part of my motivation to starting this blog and finding a healthy balance for my life. Also, the affects of too much added sugar give me good reason to be concerned.  For instance, according to an article on, “When you consume a diet high in sugar in lieu of more nutritious foods, you aren’t just adding empty calories to your diet. According to the CSPI, extra sugar can contribute to cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease. Consuming added sugar also promotes tooth decay.

2. Stretch in the morning and plank at night! Since, I am up early for work, I haven’t yet gotten up the courage to complete my workouts first thing in the morning. So, for now, I am compromising. I will complete a full body stretch or 20 minute yoga routine (courtesy of what’s on Youtube) just to start my day off on a good note. I also want to perform a simple plank circuit every night before bed. 3 sets of 60 second plank 15 second rest. This was a goal of mine in week one of Best Body Bootcamp and I really liked it! Therefore, it is back for week three!.

(Those first two goals were bootcamp related but this third goal is more educational.)

3. Spend two hours a day working on homework and assignments for class, plus find a short article to read on social media. As an aspiring information professional, I want to stay current with information and social media advances; so, I better catch up on some reading!

4. This goal is a lifetime goal: Read my bible everyday, pray continually and just give thanks for all things. The opportunity for a personal relationship with God is such a sweet gift, and I don’t want to allow anything to get wedged in between that ever.

So there you have it. Goals.

Scratch that… best WEEK ever.

One more thing…. I don’t allow myself to workout unless I finish my homework. I feel like a little kid that isn’t allowed to play or watch T.V. until it’s done, but what can I say it works. That being said I am very anxious to finish, so I can get after day one, phase two of Tina’s BBB. Have a good Monday!

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6 thoughts on “Set the Mood Monday: Goals

  1. mary potysman

    Finding balance is a lifelong goal of mine…..

  2. mary potysman

    What’s for dinner?

  3. Great goals! And I love that you don’t let yourself workout until after your homework. That is a great incentive to finish. Loving BBB, have a great week.

  4. Awesome goals! One of my goals is 20 minutes of stretching each day too! You are such a strong person!

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