If I Had to Choose.

First off lunch. I had 1 egg, 2 whites, onion, spinach and cheese scramble in an OLE’ low carb high fiber wrap! With broccoli on the side.

My morning was spent at T.G.S. Cupcakery baking cupcakes and listening to Eric and Mandy on the Air 1 Radio station. They were discussing Thanksgiving meals and Mandy brought up the famous Turducken. A chicken, inside a duck, inside a turkey. She said it was her worst Thanksgiving meal ever! My instincts tell me that I probably would have agreed with her. Something about three birds in one sounds like overload and just doesn’t fly with me.


I have never been all about the turkey anyways… Sweet potato, stuffing and green bean casserole is where it’s at! Oh, and the pumpkin pie of course! Which reminds me of another innovative culinary concoction. What about the Cherpumple? A cherry pie inside white cake, an apple pie inside yellow cake, and pumpkin pie inside spice cake.


Still intimidating, but if I had to choose I think I would be much more apt to trying this layered dessert over a Turducken. Neither would be at the top of my list though! I am all about enjoying the holiday foods in moderation! A time to focus on family, friends, and indulge a little. It is also important to me to listen to my body and avoid eating till discomfort… and those dishes look plain uncomfortable to me

Plus, I don’t want to detract from all the hard work I have dedicated to Tina’s BBBC! We are halfway through the bootcamp at 4 weeks, and I am already feeling stronger with the consistent weight training. Since I am a day behind this weeks workouts, my legs are sore from yesterdays squats and isometric holds!

Today will be a good day to stretch out with some outdoor running intervals and finish up with the designated core workout! Happy Friday!

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One thought on “If I Had to Choose.

  1. I feel the same as you, all in moderation.

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