A Little More Substance

My previous post had some filling content, but lacked substance. While I was running my 4 mile loop yesterday afternoon , I was listening to an EntreLeadership Podcast featuring John Maxwell.

Here is where you can find out a little bit more about John Maxwell:ย About | John Maxwell on Leadership.

In my first 4 miles alone, listening to John Maxwells interview, I was on fire. Something about leadership and personal growth lights me up inside. I felt like he was speaking my language and I was all ears.ย The podcast ended, my route ran out, and I was still over energized, so I grabbed Marley and her leash and took her down the street and back for another mile.

She enjoyed it, but probably wouldn’t have lasted much longer. We need to build up her endurance if I am going to take her on my runs! I think she is more of a sprinter. Anyways, I wanted to jot down some quotes from the podcast interview, and text my dad the newest addition to my Christmas list. The 15 Laws of Growth by John Maxwell. Personal growth and this book was the topic of the podcast and I was sold.

If I had to guess where my infatuation with growth and leadership comes from, I would have to credit that to my dad. He is a man who is constantly growing. He surrounds himself with prominent people who lift him up. He listens to DVD’s, reads books, and attends conferences that inspire growth and leadership. He is a businessman, an athlete, and a dad that doesn’t settle for anything less than his best.

Another aspect that I give credit to my obsession with personal growth, is the current circumstances in my life right now. I am a grad student, working part time, with many dreams, little experience and no idea what I will be doing in the future. The only option I have is to grow!

During the interview podcast I took away a few quotes by John MAxwell that motivate me:

  1. “What are you doing to develop yourself? What are you doing to develop others?”
  2. “Put yourself with people that are better than you. When you are at the head of the class, you are in the wrong class.”
  3. “The secret to your success is determined by your daily agenda. Everyday you should be repairing or preparing.
  4. From his most recent book – “The law of the rubber-band. A rubber-band has no value unless is it stretched.” The only way to add value to yourself and to others is if you stretch past your comfort zone.
  5. “You always want to be out of your comfort zone, while staying in your gifts.”

My favorite is “When you are at the head of the class, you are in the wrong class.” It is such common sense that if you want to be the best you should surround yourself with the best. Look for people who are living out success and figure out what they are doing. It would definitely get me out of my comfort zone to associate with people I look up to and speak with them about how they became successful, but that is something I would really like to do.

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One thought on “A Little More Substance

  1. Mary P.

    Amanda, The coaches at CMS are doing a book study on one of John Maxwell’s books with boys athletics. It’s all about character…….cool stuff! I’m enjoying your blogs keep it up!

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