Experimenting with GIFboom!

Originally I planned to wake up and knock out 5 miles before work… Well, that didn’t happen. It was one of those mornings when my alarm clock played along with the crazy dream I was having, and by the time I realized the beeping wasn’t a mass alert, warning the world that zombies were coming (yes, this is what I was dreaming about), I deemed it necessary to hit the snooze button and keep dreaming.
You see, we were trying to save horses from the zombies, and I had to know what was going to happen next. Unfortunately, like most dreams the ending was inconclusive, leaving me worried and wondering if we survived. Anyways, I woke up with just enough time to make breakfast before heading to work.
Breakfast this morning was steel cut oats with cinnamon and Truvia. Topped with mini chocolate chips and a teaspoon of peanut butter. Eron wanted to see who could make there’s look tastiest, which morphed in him attempting to make a hawaiian smiley face. Can you see it?
I am a day behind in this week’s BBBC  so, last nights workout was the epic leg tabata created by Tina. I say epic because it was a legs-on-fire kind of workout. Tina’s next round of bootcamp starts in January ,and registration ends on December 31st! Make sure you sign-up! Just click HERE!
When I was done working out, I experimented with a new app called GIFboom. It is kind of like Instagram. What you do is record a short video, while the app takes 30 consecutive still shots. Then you can take those shots and create a fun looking GIF. I tried to embed the GIF in my blog, but I am having some difficulty. BOO.
Hopefully you can still look at it HERE, if not I don’t know what I will do.
I think it is about time to run those 5 miles I talked about before lunch! Happy Friday!
Do you have any cool iPhone apps you can share with me?
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2 thoughts on “Experimenting with GIFboom!

  1. If you were embedding it by copying and pasting, try this: in the top right, click the “text” divider and then copy and paste. Then, you can go back to visual to finish editing and writing your post. Click publish and see if it works!

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