Taco Soup with Chunky Tomatoes

Last week was a sunshiny 70 degrees here in Wichita Falls, this morning when I woke up, 28 degrees and SNOW! It was the good powdery kind, minus the icy slush that Texas is so keen on producing. If you can’t tell in the picture below (iPhone photography problems), my car is covered!


The snowy morning depleted any sense of urgency I had to get going and get to work, and gave me the desire to actually sit down and make breakfast!ย An egg and some Pumpkin Spice toast was all it took!


I also made some Tazo Awake Tea to bring with me (in the new travel mug Clair gave me for my birthday!)


After making a delivery and coming home, it was lunch time and my grumbling stomach was not going to let me forget it! I knew exactly what I was going to eat before I walked through the door. My friend, Clair, came to visit on Saturday and we made her mom’s taco soup recipe. Leftover taco soup. Yes please!

I love trying different versions of taco soup recipes and this one might be my new favorite. The soup was lighter than other bean-filled taco soups I have had in the past, and it had loads of chunky tomatoes! If you are fond of tomatoes, this will be a sure winner!

Taco soup


  1. Cook and drain the meat.
  2. Add the meat and all the cans to a pot (do not drain the cans).
  3. Add ranch and taco seasoning.
  4. Cook on high until boiling.
  5. Turn to low and simmer for 15 minutes’.
  6. Enjoy!

*we used jalapeรฑo pinto beans for extra spice

From what I hear this is a weight watchers recipe, but I would never have known that! It is packed with warm flavors, and big juicy tomatoes. This is now my go to taco soup recipe!

After lunch me and Marley Played in the melting snow.


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