2013 Race Wish List

All I want for Christmas is some races! Or, maybe I just want a race schedule for 2013. I have decided to put together a list of events that might be worth participating in, so I can increase my chances of signing up! I am not much of a planner, in fact, it takes a lot for me to commit to any sort of advanced scheduling, because I like to “leave my options open.”

You know what I mean right?… sidestepping around confirming any plans just in case you get invited to a Christmas party. Or, maybe you have TWO Christmas parties in the same night that you really want to go to. When this happens I stress out trying to decide which to go to, or maybe consider splitting the night between both! Either way I delay my RSVP to try work out a solution.

Conflicts are stressful, so in my mind it is easier to remain un-obligated. Yes, this is fairytale-ish, irresponsible, and not an ideal way  to navigate through life.

It is far better to have a plan, stick to it, and communicate clearly what you can and cannot do!   

I have noticed that one of the hardest things for me to commit to is where I will be during the holidays. I don’t want to make plans until I know ALL of my options. That way I can navigate my schedule to fit into all the fun activities and see as many family and friends as possible! Part of my delayed scheduling comes from my desire to see everyone I love equally and often. However,open-endedness is frustrating for others who also need to make holiday plans with family schedules in mind.

The best option is to compromise, commit, and FOLLOW THROUGH! 

Just like planning for the holidays, I am leery to commit to running events. I am often unsure of what I will be doing that weekend, or if I will have time to train. By selecting races to run next year, I am hoping to make a schedule and have an easier time sticking with it. Seeing the schedule on paper will motivate training and encourage me to commit. I will also enjoy crossing off each race on my list!

2013 wish

By January 1st I will have a races picked out, but here are a few I am considering:


Bold in the cold 15k (Grapevine)


Hot Chocolate 15k (Dallas) ***


Xpress 1/2 Marathon (Wichita Falls)


THOR obstacle run (Wichita Falls)

The Color Run 5k (Dallas)


Wounded Warrior 10K (Irving)


Wee-Chi-Ta off-road 1/2 marathon (Wichita Falls)


YMCA Triathlon (I am hoping they repeat this event from last year)


Zombie Crawl 5k (Wichita Falls)


Turkey Trot 10k (Fort Worth) or

Turkey Trot 8m. (Dallas


Metro PCS 1/2 Marathon (Dallas) ***

This is my  race “wish list” for 2013, I just have to talk it over with the hubby 😉 ! I want to do the Hot Chocolate Run and Metro PCS half for sure.

Do you have any race suggestions I should add to my list? 

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