Defined as Determined!


First off breakfast: 1/3 C oatmeal, banana and a Tbls peanut butter.


I gave myself time to digest my oatmeal, then headed out for a 5 mile run. On my run I listened to the Blogging Your Passion podcast station, and reflected on the concept of personal growth.

In John Maxwell’s newest book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, I have been reading about “The Law of the Mirror.” The law states that “You Must See Value in Yourself to Add Value to Yourself.”

One of the ways Maxwell (2012) encourages building self image is by picking one word that best describes yourself (p. 47). Go ahead and try it. Did you do it? If you described yourself with one word, recognize whether it is positive or negative. If it is negative CHANGE IT FAST (Maxwell, 2012, p. 48)!  Seriously. A negative word will do nothing for you and is probably keeping you from reaching your real potential.

The word you initially picked, most likely reflects your self-esteem (Maxwell, 2012, p 49). For me, my word reflected how I saw my abilities amidst my circumstances. My first word was negative, unmoving, and without hope. My word was in fact stuck, as in; stuck in mud, not moving, and a little stressed out about the mud. Mud meaning my circumstances… y’all followed that right?

Now that I have freed myself from the mud, I am kicking myself for my gloomy perspective. I am after all, a daughter of the most high! <— (This is my constant reminder to who is truly leading my life.) I am NOT defined by my circumstances.

With that being said I erased stuck from my mind, and replaced it with the word, determined. My newest “Power Word.”


Determined I am on a journey of personal growth and I am determined to overcome myself. That is right you read correctly. Me, myself and I is the only thing stopping me from personal growth. 

According to, the adjective determined means: of unwavering mind; resolute; firm.

Not only am I determined to grow personally, but I am determined to find my purpose and acknowledge it. I am determined to remain fit and healthy for my family, and I am determined to serve people the way the Lord designed me to. I am very determined to figure out exactly how to do that.

What word defines YOU?

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5 thoughts on “Defined as Determined!

  1. Love your Power Word posts! This is a great word to describe me FOR SURE. I can be extremely determined (or stubborn…however you want to put it).

  2. Eron


  3. Lessons Life Teaches Me

    What a powerful post! I think I am going to have to steal the word used above me. Improving! Improving my relationship with God, improving my marriage by working hard at it daily, the list could go on. Thanks for sharing this, it was great to reflect on.

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