Eron gets the Spotlight

Apparently, Marley has been making a few more appearances on my blog than the husband, and there may or may not have been some concern about the knowledge of his existence ;).

Eron is fake cheesin as I interrupt his show!

This is a picture of a typical night, winding down after dinner. As you can see, Eron’s eyes are on the T.V., and his goofy expression is an attempt to appease me with a smile. Marley, like usual, is lovingly hovering as close as she can get. Please excuse the scary Marley red eye, this picture is clearly unedited! Ok, back to Eron. We officially met at Midwestern State University in the midst of my softball season. He was a student athletic trainer at the time that I was playing ball for the Mustangs. I know what your thinking but I promise you that I was not looking at the cute trainer boy at the end of the dug-out the entire year. Maybe a glance once or twice if he happened to be sitting a few rows down at church, or possibly while he was slouched over some textbooks. Seriously though, I was very serious about softball! No distractions!

Unfortunately, for my softball goals, there were other plans. A month into the season I broke my arm, and me, the girl who passed up on ice after practice to avoid any awkward encounters, was suddenly forced to communicate with the trainers. I can still feel the heat from my arm rushing to my face when I had to go to Eron for treatments. Let me tell you I was not in my comfort zone! Yikes!

The wonderful thing that came from this break was the lines of communication were opened and a relationship began. Our fist date was accompanied by a hard, black cast that extended past my elbow (not good for fixing hair). The cast was a major hindrance on my appearance because well it was winter, I sported an over-sized coat that belonged to my brother, and I could only reach my face with one arm. Thinking about that look makes me laugh :), and I guess Eron was okay with it too because we were engaged 8 months later.  After considering the outcome, and look at what was gained verse what was lost I guess you could call it a win. Maybe even a “lucky break,” but I know it was more like a “divinely planned” break.

Here we are on our wedding day!IMG_1664

Eron has some exciting things going for him right now. He has worked for the Orthopedic Sports Therapy Center for six years as an Athletic Trainer, so it was shocking to us both when he felt a different calling was being impressed on him. Even more confusing is it took a substantial amount of time to find out just what that calling was.

One day Eron came home pretty amped up about the Wichita Falls Police Department, and we quickly learned that they were taking applications for the next police academy! Deadlines and testing dates were fast approaching and could have only made possible with God clearing the path. Everything was pretty overwhelming to me at first, and what has seemed like a whirl wind is finally coming together and making sense as he progresses farther into the application process. The academy begins in a few months, so if all goes well I will be a police officers wife by the end of this year!

Now that Eron is on his way, I can’t help but wonder what God has planned for me, and while thanking Him for Eron’s opportunities, I am constantly looking up asking for a clear purpose in my life! I want so badly to know which direction I need to go with the gifts I have been given. I feel like a racehorse in the starting gates, just waiting for the bell to sound, and the doors to open so I can take off!

Now it is time to announce the winner of the T.G.S. Cupcakery T-shirt Giveaway. I used to generate a random number and out of the four that entered, commenter number two won!

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 1.55.03 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 1.54.24 PM

I was hoping more people would participate but I happy for those that did so Congratulations Olivia for winning!

Has anyone ever gone through a drastic career change before?

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2 thoughts on “Eron gets the Spotlight

  1. Ah! So excited I won! Congrats on being a police officer’s wife soon! That’s so exciting. 🙂

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