Sandy Hook Elementary Virtual 5k

Today’s Workout

I am so excited for today’s post because I have a kick booty workout to share! Last night, before bed, I took out a note-card and pen and began brainstorming. I knew I wanted a heavy cardio workout because I have been too wimpy to brave the cold and go run outdoors. Anything below freezing just does not appeal to me. Maybe tomorrow… Anyways, this was the plan, spend 10 minutes on the elliptical for a warm up, 20 minutes of work on the treadmill, and end with a 10 round circuit in the weight-room. Booyah! Recipe for success.

Picture 2


At round 3, I was stopped and asked who I played for and if we did a lot of power lifts. Thanks to my strength coach Erin, yes, yes we did do a lot of power lifts. Check out her blog at The sweat Life. She has tons of certifications and lots of tips for fitness enthusiasts. By the time I got to round 5 my pull-ups started to become more assisted with each round. Hello shoulder fatigue! At the beginning of round 9 the workout became a mental battle just to finish. How easy it would be to just end at 8… It is an even number, and a substantial amount of work has been done… Nope not having it. Two more rounds and loving it. I even did some abs at the end. I loved this fast paced, high-intensity workout, and will be socking it away for future workouts.

Sandy Hook Elementary Virtual 5k

I am orchestrating a place for a group of people to participate in the Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Virtual Half Marathon and 5k. To sign up just visit THIS LINK, and register for a bib.

The money will be going to the ‘Sandy Hook School Support Fund’ and will be used to help the families affected by this tragedy.

You can complete the virtual marathon or 5k anywhere and anytime before January 31st. I thought this would be a good idea to make it a group effort here in the Wichita Falls community.Β For those of you in Wichita Falls who are interested in running/walking a 5k on Saturday, January 26th, go ahead and like my Facebook Page for updates, or contanct meΒ via e-mail.

If you are looking for a way to show support for those in Newton, Connecticut, but are unable to run, check out my previous post on sending snowflakes.


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8 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Elementary Virtual 5k

  1. Mary P.

    Amanda, Is that black ribbon what people are wearing to show their support and love to the community of Newton. I want to wear one when I start back to school in Jan. Do you know if I can buy one? I know I could make one but if it’s a fundraiser I’d like to buy one…..

  2. What a lovely idea for Sandy Hook.

    I’m not sure I’ve come across your blog before – that picture in your wedding dress is absolutely stunning!

  3. That looks like a killer workout! Good job for pushing through and getting it done!

  4. PS, nominated you for a super sweet blogger award!

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