Holiday Funk + Snowflake Project

This holiday funk wont leave me alone! I had all last week off, went back to work on Saturday and Sunday, and will be working straight to Thursday. My body is heavily confused as to where the weekend went. Not to mention where my sleep schedule went! The past week I have been going to bed at 11 or 12 and waking up at 6 or 7 every morning. I am envious of those who need minimal sleep, and I try to achieve lights out by 10 o’clock. I am thinking tonight will be a long (but fun) night!

Everybody is different, but here are some personal side effects that I have observed, when my sleep schedule gets rocked.

  • The husband is given the opportunity to exercise patience and grace on a “buffering” wife. Ok, ok “buffering” I have to explain. After church yesterday I was trying to spin my cranky, crankster state of mind into a more positive perspective. I deemed buffering, as a period of time when I am not feeling my peachy, pleasant self. For example, when I wake up, I need 10 minutes and coffee, to “buffer” into a normal social sweetness. When I am lacking sleep, I am cranky “buffering” quite a bit.
  • Unfortunately, side affect number two also affects Eron because chores around the house are performed at snail like speeds. I already have the tendency to be sidetracked by a million tasks at once, which, I have noticed is a very successful way to make yourself very busy, but accomplish very little (I stand by the baby step rule, even when I don’t live by it). It’s not that I am incapable of helping out, but my sleep deprived brain forgets what it is doing most of the time. One morning when I was doing laundry, I took all the clothes out of the dryer folded them and forgot to move more wet clothes to the dryer. Several hours later, I was reminded when I walked by an empty, wide-open dryer door (not a big deal, but I lost precious laundry time!).
  • This is where my health becomes victim… For me, it is true what they say, little sleep causes poor eating habits. I don’t know if it was out of laziness, or maybe just already feeling crappy is what did it, but I always make poor food choices when I am tired. Vegetables go M.I.A. and carbs become my staple. For some reason when I am already feeling less than stellar, I allow myself sugary, heavy food choices that match my mood.
  • The final, frustrating side-effect is that my workouts go from high intensity to zilch. I am lucky if I make it to the gym. This happens most often during finals week. I get drained from studying, and any form of physical activity sounds exhausting. I encourage listening to your body, and getting needed rest always trumps a workout, but I don’t like when I get to the point where I need to skip a workout for sleep.

All of these side affects derail balance in my life. I also believe that my relationship with Christ suffers when I allow my lack of sleep to affect the decisions I make. I am not the loving wife I was intended to be, nor do I take care of the body I was given in a way that would honor God. With all that being said, I think my number one balanced living rule would be:

Get the rest your body needs to perform the way it was designed to perform!

I don’t know about a new years resolution (I am still working on those), but tbeing well rested is definitely a lifestyle I would like to reflect in 2013.

Snowflake Project

On Saturday, at T.G.S. Cupcakery, we set up a craft table so that anyone who wanted, could make a snowflake for the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The PTSA in Newton, CT, is asking for snowflakes to decorate the new elementary school. They are calling it the Snowflake Project. They want their snowflakes delivered by January 12th, and you can find out more about the project by clicking THIS LINK. We are going to have the craft supplies available again, today, for anyone to come and make a snowflake or two.

Here are some pictures from Saturday.

T.G.S. Cupcakery Snowflake Table

T.G.S. Cupcakery Snowflake Table

My nephew Joseph came to help!

My nephew Joseph came to help!

Snowflakes from Saturday!

Snowflakes from Saturday!


Have you come up with any New Years resolutions yet? What are they?

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Funk + Snowflake Project

  1. Sleep is definitely a vital part of health! I have a lot of the same issues you do when I sleep less than 8 hours. I eat junk, feel lethargic and like to stay in my own world; beware any who interfere! If you’re having trouble getting to sleep you should try some of the sleeping teas from Yogi-they work wonders!

  2. The same things happen to me when my sleep schedule is off too! It’s terrible, but just goes to show how important sleep is to a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

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