The Year of Action and New Shoes

Happy New Year!


Looks like Marley partied a little too hard on New Years Eve!

I had to include that picture for you guys. That is a typical Marley face and it makes me smile a lot.

I am kicking my blogging new year off on January 2nd for two reasons. One, I procrastinated and did not spend any time reflecting on 2012, and two, I put off thinking about any future hopes and resolutions for 2013. These seemed to be relevant topics that I should touch on in my first post of 2013! Don’t you think?!

I came across an interesting article from Forbes Magazine, last night and I thought I would share. Any of you business savvy/ goal setting for success type of people might really like it!

Ten Resolutions the Most Successful People Make and then Keep by: Mike Maddock

This article has a business perspective, but I think it is relatable to anyone in any season of their life. I come at this article as a masters student  ready to make a professional appearance in the working world, and this is what I have taken from it.

Maddock has observed that “the most accomplished people just seem to identify important things and consistently get them done.” 

Out of his top ten favorite resolutions I adopted four as my favorite as well. I took those resolutions and molded them to fit me and my goals

1.) Find your purpose. This is a goal that I have been battling with for awhile. Last year while doing a Priscilla Shirer study called Discerning the Voice of God, I realized that if I change from seeking my purpose to seeking God, with the same urgency, then I will find God’s purpose for me! I am still seeking, but this year I am seeking the Lord first. 

“Nothing pleases God more than when we ask for what He wants to give. When we spend time with Him and allow his priorities, passions, and purposes to motivate us, we will ask for things that are closest to His Heart.” – Bruce Wilkinson

2.) Find a Yin for your Yang. This resolution was more affirming than anything. Lately, I have been thinking about the power that comes with a team. People with the same passions, goals, and determination that can inspire team work and growth. I resolve to make relationships with others that inspire personal growth and find a fitting team to make dreams happen.

3.) Get outside your jar. This resolution is said perfectly. Inside my jar, I rely on myself and what I know to succeed or fail. My tendencies stay the same and there is know growth. I resolve to get out of my jar and approach others about their success. How did they get to where they are now!?

4.)Be a creator. The author listed three questions that keep you from ever being victimized. While I do not think being a victim and a creator come from opposite sides of a spectrum, I do think that feeling victimized can hinder positive change. Ignoring victimization, these are my questions to resolve to be a creator; What are you passionate about? Who is also passionate about these things? Will anything stop you from moving forward (money, stop signs, negativity)? Are they worth stopping for (not likely)?

Now these are all very good ideas, but are worthless unless they are put into action, so I am deeming 2013 as “The Year of Action.”

Fitness Goals

When it comes to fitness goals, I have one specific goal in mind… I want to run my first half marathon this year, and I am hoping it will be the Colfax Half Marathon in Denver, Colorado. The best part is that a mile of the run goes right through the Denver zoo!  My whole family will be traveling to Colorado for a big family reunion that same weekend, and a couple of my cousins will likely be joining me in this race!

In order to achieve this goal, I have decided I need a new pair of running shoes. Right now I run in Mizuno Wave Rider 13’s, but I have my eye on the Mizuno Wave Rider 15’s.


My dilemma is if I should stick with Mizuno or give a pair of Brooks a try… Suggestions? 

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5 thoughts on “The Year of Action and New Shoes

  1. whitney patterson

    LOVED your post!! Thanks for sharing the article. And, I’m not much help on the shoes, but I might have something that will help! I still get Runner’s World magazine in the mail and I obviously am not really interested in keeping them right now so you are more than welcome to them. Their “Spring Shoe Guide” should be coming out soon and it has the best reviews on the best running shoes for every foot type and running style. Good luck on your year of action! You’ve inspired me to set some goals as well!

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  3. What incredible goals for the year! I love that your first priority is to find your purpose. It’s a goal that covers so many different aspects of your life and if you really focus on finding your purpose, especially through the Lord, you can’t help but feel fulfilled!

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