Bikram First Timer

Today, I tried something new. Something different, something that is a little intimidating for a girl that only knows working out by running and lifting hard. I went to a 90 minute Bikram Yoga class. My friend Clair goes religiously, and is always raving about how great a workout it is! Since I was in town visiting, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to give it a go.


I have been to Yoga classes and I think they are a good stretch, however, I am not very flexible nor experienced, so I am not pushed as much as I would like to be. Plus depending on the teacher, I catch myself bored and ready to move on to the next thing on my to-do list.

Bikram intrigued me because it intensifies the experience by adding some heat. 105 degrees of heat in order to sweat out toxins and stimulate the circulatory system. The yoga teacher took us through 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.

I was amazed at how high my heart rate elevated throughout the class. Not an inch of my body was dry by the time I was through, and I was challenged with each pose. I was never bored, and felt determined to get through every pose without wimping out. If we had Bikram Yoga in Wichita Falls then I would quickly be an addict.

Now I am off to Madisonville to visit my best friends from college and her sweet baby girl and twin boys.

14549_10151332446950769_2033786749_nHas anybody else experience Bikram before? Thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Bikram First Timer

  1. annie Adams levy

    Good tor you Amanda -I love yoga but am sorta scared of bikram… not sure I could handle the heat! I just went to a regular yoga class last night and my 52 year old body is feelin it today ….keep up the good work!

  2. My mom did Bikram for the longest time and I finally bit the bullet and did it. LOVED IT! It’s intense for sure, but you can take it at whatever pace you need to. If you just lay on the ground for the entire first class, just picture it as a sauna!

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