My Spot and Lucky 13

Lately, the only thing that has been on our television has been Big Bang Theory. This is what happens when Eron gets 6 episodes for Christmas, and the only other alternative for our viewing entertainment is Netflix. By the way, we lost our cable (even basic channels), and replaced it with Netflix, which I think works great, but I don’t watch much T.V. The only thing I really miss is the news, but it helps when you have a buddy that works for KFDX. Hey Melissa!

Anyways back to Big Bang… I mostly watch at the end of the day, sitting on the couch next to Eron, looking over my laptop. Sheldon, a bizarre character, has some silly tendencies that never fail to make me smile. One of which, is the obsession with “his spot” on their couch. Click HERE to watch a YouTube video of Sheldon explaining his “spot.” Anytime Penny, or someone else sits in his spot, I anticipate his reaction, “your sitting in my spot.” Which is followed by a telling glare. This response has been consistent throughout the first three seasons, and has made me realize that I also have a spot!

It is not my only, nobody else sit there spot, but there is a spot I always sit in to think, write, read and pray when I am by myself. The best part about my spot is it gives me a full view of the living room, dinning room and kitchen. My spot is right under an air vent, so in the winter I can snuggle up under some heat. Plus, there is a lamp and table close beside me. I literally feel like I am being hugged when I sit there.

Marleys spot

Marley thinks this spot is pretty great too! You can tell by the muddy paw prints she leaves behind… At least we can wash the couch covers, right?!

There is something to having a consistent spot you spend time at everyday. In the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John Maxwell says “Everyone needs a Time and a Place to Pause.” He says that having a designated place to go and think, motivates thinking when you go there! Not only is my spot my favorite place to read and write, but it is my purposeful place to get to know Christ. God is not limited by where you are or what you are doing, He can speak to you anytime any place, but something about sitting in the same spot, makes my growth intentional.

I have so much to learn about God’s word, but having an intentional place to spend time with the Lord, reminds me of Daniel. A decree was placed by King Darius that said anyone who prayed to any god other then the king would be thrown in a lions den. Even when Daniel learned that the decree was in writing, he would pray to God just as he did before, in the exact same spot he always did.

“Now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published, he went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem. Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.”

I want to challenge you to find a cozy spot where you can spend time planning personal growth, growing in your faith, or maybe just a consistent spot to study. I gaurantee that once you repeatedly spend time in your spot, you will have an easier time focusing on your task.

Today’s Workout 

Before getting started a ran 2 miles on the treadmill.

lucky 13

I finished the “Lucky 13” in 28 minutes and 45 Seconds. I tried to take a picture of the time with my sweaty face!


It didn’t really work, and I felt like a total goober.

Do you have a “spot?”

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12 thoughts on “My Spot and Lucky 13

  1. Erin

    I have a spot too!! I have a big comfy sectional and I sit right in the corner. I could spend aaallll day there! I also watch BBT, and I would pull a Sheldon if someone sat in my corner! That workout kind of looks like the Filthy 50! Good one!

    • Those are my favorite kind of workouts! haha this makes me laugh I am glad we got the seasons because I was feeling left out. Put your blog URL in when you leave comments 🙂 . That way other people can find you!

  2. your spot looks so comfy 😀
    I wasnt a fan of big bang at all when it first came out, but my mom loves it. After watching it everyday with her, I’ve definitely warmed to it!

    My most calming spot is definitely my bed in my room. Quiet, comfy and I reflect a lot while there 🙂

  3. Mary P.

    Hey Manda, I have different spots for different things…..To study, I know I need the kitchen table. No where else will do. To rest, relax and just be, I have my chair and it’s MY chair, you know the one. When i sit for intentional prayer, I prop myself up in my bed with lots of pillows. I have spots…..good observation!

  4. Haha! My spot is in this reclining chair with a table next to it. Perfect for eating and doing whatever else it is! Haha I’m loving the 13 workout, too. I like when workouts use just one number so I don’t have to constantly check back every time there is a new exercise.

  5. abbykjohnson

    Haha love Sheldon. My spot is in this reclining chair in the living room. It has a little side table next to it, so it’s perfect for eating and whatever else I’m doing! Haha I love the 13 workout, too. I like doing workouts with just one number for the reps so I don’t constantly have to check back on my sheet.
    Have a good Thursday!

    • Uggg. Dumb technology. This is Abby from Abby Eats Almonds. For some reason it always shows up as abbykjohnson. Gah!

  6. Hurray for someone else giving up television! We never bought cable for our apartment; we simply purchased Netflix and set it up. Chris and I prefer books to television anyways, or rather his video games sometimes take over the TV, haha.

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