24/24 Workout and Defining a Purpose

First, lets look at this throwback workout. It came from a summer softball conditioning program from the University of Central Arkansas, and I still use it.

24/24I love this circuit after a run. It is fast and affective in my opinion!


Lately, on Twitter, Lynette Lewis has been tweeting about the importance of knowing your purpose. She might always tweet purpose driven tweets, however the past three days, (since this is when I decided to utilize Twitter more), I have been drawn to four in particular.

lynette 1lynette 2lynette 3Β Β  lynette 4My favorite is this last one… “A well-defined purpose is your filter, protecting you from the wrong people, the wrong job, and discouragement when desired end results tarry.”

When I look at these tweets I am motivated, and at the same time overwhelmed. I want to say Lynette! How do I know, for sure, what my purpose is?! I struggle daily with this question. How do I know which direction I should take my life? How do I know if I am supposed to be getting my masters, working part-time at a cupcakery, and volunteering at Whispers of Hope? My go-to answer is to just keep going. Keep moving, because standing still is worse than going know where. Purpose may not always be defined by a job title, but is always present where you are.

Driving forward with my doubts, forces me to look up. Looking up to thank God for his provision and to ask Him to fill me up with His joy. The Joy gives me passion, hope, and sometimes reveals a purpose.

Deep down, I think that your passion is where your purpose comes from. What gets you going? Makes you want to do a funky dance or run a marathon?What fills up your cup?

Unfortunately, the things that make you most excited, can sometimes look the most out of reach. Seeing a clear path to success, has little to do with your purpose. Your purpose might be on the top of Mount Everest, you know it is there, so you just keep climbing.

Lynette says, that “regardless of the hurdles you face, you can be deeply, richly satisfied, as you do what you are made to do.”

Do you ever question what your purpose is? Regardless of how plausible it may seem, what do you dream about achieving?

I question my purpose all the time, and then I am reminded of what I am good at. Then my passions are revealed causing ideas to overflow! I want to write books, build websites, make life easier for people, train horses and be a woman of influence.




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10 thoughts on “24/24 Workout and Defining a Purpose

  1. Honestly, I’ve been going through a challenging phase in my mid 20s in finding my purpose and passion. Definitely a question I ask myself often!

  2. Hi I just found your blog and love it πŸ™‚ Being a 20 year old college girl can be tough at times. Right now I’ve really been struggling with my purpose and just what I’m supposed to do. I know God’s plan for me is perfect, but I get anxious! I’m slowly discovering what I’m truly passionate about.

  3. I absolutely sometimes question what my purpose is. Until I can figure it out 100% though, I’m just sticking to doing what makes me happy πŸ™‚

  4. well first of all, the work outs you post, I am saving in my computer so that when I get a new heart I will be able to do them because they look so awesome! And the purpose part, you read my mind! It definitely is good to remind yourself of what you’re good at and let your purpose flow from there. Sometimes I get too overwhelmed and think too hard about it. It is so hard sometimes just sitting there praying like, “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO!” and not hear one little answer from Him, but I realized and I don’t know if you do, that sometimes He will answer right then, but most of the time He shows you an answer as time goes on and as you trust Him completely with it.

    • I cannot wait for your new heart! and for you to try out those workouts :). As far as the whole, praying for a purpose, we are on the same page there… He will answer right away sometimes, or sometimes just give me a little reassurance that makes me chill out, but most of the time I see His purpose after time goes on. πŸ™‚

  5. Ooh I really like that workout! I sometimes get kind of bored and tired of strength workouts, but this one seems very boredom busting!!
    You definitely got me thinking on this one.. finishing up high school and looking to college, it’s something to think about but it hasn’t really crossed my mind a whole lot, I have to admit. I’m keeping that, though. Such a powerful question..
    Have a wonderful Monday!

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