Cupcake Cross

Some of you who read my blog (mom and dad) were part of a mass text and have already seen what I am about to share. The joy that came from this moment has stuck with me all day, so I decided to keep sharing!

Like every Wednesday, I woke up early to bake fresh cupcakes at T.G.S. Cupcakery. Usually I have my Air1 Radio app on, but today it randomly shut off, so I let my mind wander in silence. I fantasized about the newest dreams and visions in my life while the mixers whirred away. I was thinking about ways I want to get involved with the community and doors that were being opened. The whole time I was thinking, I was rotating cupcakes in and out of the oven.

When cupcakes come out of the oven I have to quickly take them out of the pan. Back and forth I go delicately and carefully removing cupcakes from the pan and placing them side by side. When I turned back to a pan full of blueberry cupcakes I was slowed down by what I saw. It was a cross! I think Jesus’ cross showed up to remind me of His presence and His love. Not kidding my heart skipped a beat. What a random way for me to take out these cupcakes. I never do that… Totally supernatural.

In awe of the cross I must confess,
(even a cupcake cross)
how wondrous Your redeeming love and how great
is Your faithfulness!
-Sweetly Broken, Jeremy Riddle

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4 thoughts on “Cupcake Cross

  1. Love the changes you made to the blog! That collage is precious. πŸ™‚

  2. Sarah

    I am so glad I popped over to read this post! That is so neat. And I agree the blog theme thing is frustrating, I am sick of mine already! I like your new look!

    • Sarah! Thank you for stopping by! I am still working on the blog theme thing but this one will do for now! I love your theme and your title! So creative :).

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