Great Leaders GROW


Egg and Toast

Simple, yet delicious. Egg and toast plus a cup of Tazo Awake Tea. The bread I used was special organic bread purchased from Costco by my in-laws! They took a little road trip and brought me back my favorite multi-grain bread with omega-3!

Omega 3 Bread

Personal Growth Plans

Have you ever heard of a personal growth plan? Before this year, neither have I. I stumbled on the term when listening to John Maxwell, and have adopted it into my life.

If you want to know more about developing personal growth plans or even what it is, just visit these sites:

One way I have committed to developing personal growth is by reading. I spend 30 minutes to an hour a day, 4-5 times a week, reading books that will enhance my growth. If you aren’t a reader you can find alternative ways to keep learning like finding a mentor, taking classes, or listening to podcasts. I listen to many podcasts while running and some of my best ah-ha moments come from listening to those podcasts.

For my birthday last year I asked for a book by John Maxwell, and my dad went above that request and got me an additional book he had read, called Great Leaders GROW.

Great Leaders GROW

Great Leaders GROW

Authors Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller took a creative approach and wrote a fictional story of a man’s journey into leadership. This book is different from many other “self-help” books because it uses a fictional narrative to teach growth. Blake, the main character, was conflicted with the last words his dad spoke to him before passing away, “You can be a leader.” Blake seemed to have his doubts about his leadership ability and even if leadership was for him.

Fortunately for Blake,Β  a woman named Debbie, one of his fathers predecessors, became his personal mentor. She guided him through finding a career and growing as a leader with a company.

Blake’s journey seemed effortless and without any real hiccups, which made me roll my eyes at times, since I have had my share of frustrations with career development. Aside from that, the book provided many resources and applicable suggestions to promote growth and leadership in an individuals life. I have proof of the influence this book had on me, by the amount of underlining and margin writing!

Underline stuff!

A little suggestion…. Always, Always read with a pen!!!

Have you ever heard of a personal growth plan?

What are some dreams you have for your career or life?

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4 thoughts on “Great Leaders GROW

  1. I do the SAME thing with reading something everyday for personal growth. It’s my favourite type of book πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds so interesting! Definitely going to look into this. I recently introduced more reading into my life (besides textbooks) and I am so happy that I did. Books that help you to grow are the best, too. Hope you have a good Monday! Thanks for introducing this into my life!

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