A Mental Break: At Home Climbing Circuit

Today is all mostly about homework, I am just about midway through the semester and feeling the pressure to study, study, study.  Everybody needs a mental break though and working out is how I like to relieve the tension.

Since I am still on a tight schedule, at-home workouts save me the time I use to drive to and from the gym. Plus, I don’t have to wait on machines or equipment. This  At-Home Climbing Circuit Workout donkey kicked my booty! Seriously, the donkey kicks were brutal.


Donkey Kicks

After my workout I enjoyed a (never fails me) peanut butter and honey sandwich. Along with some sugar snap peas.


I am not someone who can work for hours on end without getting up and getting re-focused. If I am unable to workout, I have other go-to mental breaks options that help me get through my work.

What I do on mental breaks:

  1. sweep the floors
  2. drive to get a sonic drink or coffee
  3. fix my hair
  4. play outside with Marley
  5. call a friend
  6. clean something
  7. re-organize a closet/cabinet anything
  8. brush Marley
  9. play with my camera
  10. paint my nails
  11. yoga/stretch
  12. make a snack

Some of my mental breaks might not sound fun but they get me away from the computer and working on something that doesn’t require thinking!

What do you do when you need a mental break?

Back to work I go! 😉

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One thought on “A Mental Break: At Home Climbing Circuit

  1. oh boy, i’ve never seen/done donkey kicks before – that looks brutal!!
    I use music a looot as my mental break!

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