A Whole30 Days

For the next 30 days I am participating in something that I don’t normally condone… I am cutting out some food groups (added sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes) from my diet, which for “dieting” purposes I typically think is unnecessary, as long as, you eat with a healthy balance in mind (lots of greens!!!).

Before I tell you more, you have to recognize, I am not a registered dietitian, nutritionist or specialized in any area of health. Everything I do, I research to the best of my capabilities and base my decisions on what I believe is best for me. The programs I participate in may not be right for you, so please, take my opinions for what they are and consider what healthy looks like for you.

That being said, I have invested myself into a program by Whole 9 Life called The Whole 30 Program. It is essentially 30 days of eliminating certain food groups that may be having a negative effect on my health. Of course, I love the fact that my body composition could possibly see some improvements, but what most draws me to this program is the testimonials about improved digestive health, energy levels and skin issues.

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled on and off with I.B.S. It had been tolerable up until 2 years ago when I believe stress began to take its toll on me. Plus, I wasn’t making the best decisions for my health at the time either. Without going into details, let me assure you that there had been some rough days and nights especially during times of elevated stress. I am also often hit with I.B.S. symptoms while running, so I am hoping this alleviates those symptoms as well, even if just for a little while. (I’ve got a half marathon I am training for and don’t need any unnecessary setbacks ;). )

What I like about this program is, weight loss is not the goal, over all health and a lifestyle change is. I also like that I will be eating real clean and whole foods. It is similar to eating Paleo and fad or not I want this to work so I am giving 30 days of my life to change some habits :)…. I think you should know though, last night, I had a farewell sugar, dairy, and grain party with some fresh baked brownies!

Brownie Pan

I like the middle pieces


Good bye added sugar, grains and dairy

So, day 1 went well… I posted some food pictures on Instagram, and if you want you can follow at http://instagram.com/balancingonhoney.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 8.17.39 PM

I finally wrapped up today with Whole30 approved, Chocolate Chili. Intriguing isn’t it? I got the recipe from Melissa at The Clothes Make the Girl. As far as taste goes, despite the name, this recipe is savory and is also me and Eron approved (Eron, of course, added cheese on his chili).

Chocolate Chili

Big pot of Whole 30 Chocolate Chili

My bowl of Chocolate Chili

My bowl of Chocolate Chili with onions on top!

For the recipe click the link —> Chocolate Chili <—

What happens after the 30 days, I don’t know yet, but I hope you stay with me to find out.

One last random thing, I got my Sweat Pink shoelaces in the mail today!!!

Sweat Pink Shoelaces That is all for tonight!

Tomorrow is nationally day of unplugging anyone participating?

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2 thoughts on “A Whole30 Days

  1. The whole 30 program sounds like a great program, but challenging! I know I need to do something like this, so props to you for going for the whole 30 days and I can’t wait to read about the difference it makes!

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