New Shoes: Look at the difference

I love to run… I hate spending 100 dollars on running shoes every 300 – 400 miles (the recommended amount). Even though I know it is super important to invest in quality running shoes and worth it to avoid injury, I am one of those that drags my worn out sneakered feet to the shoe store. Don’t get me wrong, a new pair of running shoes is always welcomed with a warm smile, but justifying spending over 50 dollars on shoes that will typically last no more than 6 months is hard to wrap my mind around!

My first pair of “good” running shoes were bought for me for my birthday, December 2011, from a Luke’s Locker. ย They were a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 14’s that were on sale because they were an old model. I think they were a reasonable 70 some dollars. Reasonable for what they promised, and for how amazing they fit my foot. I played softball in Mizuno’s and still loved the feel of their sneakers.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 11.41.47 AM

A year and a half later, and I was still running in the same shoe! Horrific I know! Maybe even a record for me. I loved these shoes from my very first run, but 18 months of running in the same pair is, in my case, an arch and shin death wish. My feet were screaming for a new pair, and long runs were avoided… Now that I am training for a half marathon, I couldn’t go another day in those old shoes.

So, the shoe shopping began. I would look, touch, try on and fall in love with running shoes, but the price tag always stopped me. I wanted to keep looking, hoping to find a really good deal. I was even considering changing brands.

Just when I was about convinced I would have to spend a little more to get what I needed in a shoe, I found my needle in a haystack. A random stop at Shoe Carnival’s clearance rack led me to the very same shoe I previously owned and loved, but this time they were pink and a comforting 45 bucks.

Sweat Pink Shoelaces ready to go!

Sweat Pink Shoelaces ready to go!

The choice was practically made for me. I would stick to the dependable Mizuno Wave Rider 14’s, dismissing the thought that they were a few models old, and relishing in the fact that they were still a great shoe for a great deal!

When I got home I took some comparison pics of the 18 month old running shoes to my brand new ones and was amazed at the difference. I think I lost at least an inch of support from the pounding affects on the old shoes. I learned my lesson and will not be waiting so long to replace them next time!

New Shoes

Backview Bottomview


Not exactly to scale, but you can still see the difference in midsole!

Observing the difference was mind blowing. I am going to try not to wait so long next time to get my next pair, but my cheap thrifty self can’t help but hold out for the right price!

Now I am off to take those new shoes for a 3.5 mile run! ๐Ÿ™‚



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2 thoughts on “New Shoes: Look at the difference

  1. I recently just bought a new pair of running shoes as well and pretty much sucked it up and knew I would be shelling out some serious dough. I need shoes with more support and if I want them to even look a smidgen in the ways of aesthetically appealing I had to put out a few extra bucks. I’m not really trying to rock orthopedic grandma looking shoes. Glad you found such a steal! Who cares if they’re an older model, they are brand new! And yay for sweat pink laces!

    • Yes! I donโ€™t think these are the cutest shoes on the block, but they are better then they could be!! It wouldnโ€™t be so bad if I would actually put back and save for a pair . Maybe I will do that for next time! I am glad you got some new shoes too!

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