Jesus Lives

Have you heard the good news? Jesus Lives! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter celebrating Christs resurrection! The weight of what happened on the cross just gets greater and greater for me every year, and I can barely explain my gratitude in words. Since I gave my life to Jesus Christ 3.5 years ago, Thanksgiving break 2009, the “wonderment” and awe of His love and my redemption has not ceased.


Eron and I celebrated Easter by going to lunch at his moms after church. Our day was laid back, restful and filled with good food. Yesterday was my first official day off of the Whole30 and I plan on talking all about this in my next post! Before I can dissect my Whole30 experience I have to get busy with some semester finals…. Recognizing priorities!

How did you celebrate Easter?

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One thought on “Jesus Lives

  1. Spending time with family and loved ones over the holidays is the best! Good luck with the studying!

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