Whole30 Done and a Digital Identity

Two things:

1.) Whole30 Wrap-Up

For the month of March I went 30 days with no grains, dairy, preservatives, alcohol, or sugar. What I survived thrived on was lots and lots of veggies, meat, eggs, sweet potatoes some fruit, sun butter, coconut anything, and totally tried Kombucha. I thrived because even though I missed chocolate terribly, I felt amazing! SO good.

One of the best things that happened was a rash that had been all over my arms and shoulders, back and legs, for the past 7 months (I know, I know… see a doctor already) disappeared! I assumed the rash was eczema, related to dry weather and stress, but when it vanished I was convinced that nutrition must play a roll! Especially when I celebrated my end of the Whole30 with Easter rolls and cake and the rash flared up not 15 minutes later…. Proof ahead… avert your eyes if you don’t like rash-y skin pictures….

Yucky.. This is very minor compared to Pre-Whole30

Yucky.. This is very minor compared to Pre-Whole30

Other than a cleared up rash, I also noticed these benefits to the program:

  • No more bloating
  • Much more energy
  • I can’t prove this, but my hair felt healthier/shinier
  • I didn’t experience any cramping while running (major win)
  • and I lost roughly 3-5 lbs

So, what now… Maybe I should go see a dermatologist about my rash problems… but in the meantime, I really love how my body felt this past month, so I have decided to eat mostly grain and dairy free, as well as, avoid added sugar. I plan to do this, well, FOREVER! I love it that much!

2.) A New Blog Title

I really love what the title Balancing on Honey means to me, but I also want people to know who I am when they read my blog. As a college graduate, pursuing a masters, searching for a career, and interested in digital media and information, I want to create a digital identity that is who I am. I want to add value to others by sharing knowledge (John Maxwell), as well as, be a women of influence (Lynette Lewis). I will always turn to God’s word for balance, and I hope it remains prevalent in my blog posts, but I also want an online presence that remains consistent.

Since I am heading in the direction of self-hosting my blog, these minor details are important, and I have some tough decisions to make! Like switching my title to my full name…. any suggestions are appreciated.

A little information on a digital identity:

  • A digital identity/online identity, is a social identity created to represent oneself in an online environment (Wikipedia – Online Identity)
  • Your digital identity is ALL of your information available via the web (The Value of Our Digital Identities )
  • There are ways to manage your digital identity, to maintain a positive image

Most of all, I completely support that “the digital you matters.”

the-digital-you-matters-identity-in-the-internet-age_5089694bc58e1-1(Source: The Digital You Matters)




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4 thoughts on “Whole30 Done and a Digital Identity

  1. I’m trying to cut back on processed grains and sugar. Glad to see that doing so could bring me lots of benefits, good for you for sticking with it!

  2. Kathy Vossler

    For a blog title, how about your name, followed by Balancing on Honey? Have you thought about food allergy testing? Dr. Fitzsimmons is really good!

    • I have thought about my name with Psalm 119:103 but I like my name followed by Balancing on Honey! Thanks for the suggestion I just might take it! Also, I have thought about food allergy testing, I just haven’t yet because I was trying to decide who I should go to here or if I should go back to Colleyville! Thank you for the doctors name I will probably be calling him!

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