Bikes and Abs

This morning, my household was up early setting up for a garage sale. We kind of decided last minute that we would have a sale after we started accumulating a pile of things that we wanted to get rid of.

Garage Sale

Garage sales are a lot more work then you might think, and we cut a lot of corners on this one… For instance, we didn’t advertise, we didn’t make signs, and half of the things we have out there, don’t have a sticker on them. Fortunatly, we do have change and we do have grocery sacks!

The plan is to just giveaway what we don’t sell, so if you know me and live nearby, be sure to come peruse the leftovers around noon!

The number one tip I got from my mom (who is the garage sale queen) was, “Don’t bring the left overs back into the house.” Β This just creates more piles that will probably collect dust until they are finally moved into a different location.

We just want people to come take our stuff, so hopefully that doesn’t happen. Another good plan would be to haul it off to a local donation center!

While garage-selling I contemplated what my workout would be for today. It is super pretty outside so I am thinking an hour bike ride with an abs circuit will do.


The rest of today is reserved for some study time!

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2 thoughts on “Bikes and Abs

  1. How did the Garage Sale go!?

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