Moore, Oklahoma

I am finally back from a family vacation in Colorado. My dad’s side of the family organized a much needed reunion and decided that the beautiful Colorado Rockies would be the perfect place. We hiked, swam, climbed, celebrated babies and weddings, watched baseball games, played putt putt and ran a half marathon. There was about 20 of us altogether and I plan on sharing the trip plus a race recap soon. However, today, I feel like reflecting on recent stormy events.

While driving in, I received a tweet warning those in Moore, Oklahoma to take shelter. “A tornado so big it might not look like an actual tornado.” That statement was frightening, and I imagined a black wall advancing on the city. I closed my eyes and prayed. Prayed for the people to find safety, and prayed to subdue the worry for the things I cannot understand.

Pray for OK

It seems like tragedies have been occurring one right after another, the latest being in Oklahoma. As the weather remains dreary here in Wichita Falls I can’t help but think about all of the families affected. My heart hurts for them and a determination to reach out to people churns inside of me.

Each day has become more urgent for me to find my purpose in the Lord. To live as though nothing else matters except for doing His work. To enjoy the gifts He has given, become more thankful for the time spent with the people I love, and to remember that Jesus died on the cross for us. To give us hope and a future.

Clinging to God’s promises, I am looking for anyways I can help and will remain in prayer and thanksgiving.

Ann Voscamp, author of 1000 Gifts, writes a blog called A Holy Experience. Today she wrote a post called How God Feels About Storms. Like all her writing I found this post, beautiful, poetic, and seeking comfort in the Lord.

USA TODAYΒ offers several ways to help relief efforts in Oklahoma.

If you know of any other ways to help, please leave a comment below.Β 

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