Quick Catch Up

It has been a long two weeks since you have heard from me hasn’t it! Let me just assure you that life has been good, and to make this catch up session shorter I will list a few of my favorite moments.

At summer camp (I am working as camp director at Whispers of Hope Horse Farm and am learning some new teaching/organization techniques everyday):

  • We played a game called the blind horse to learn what it feels like to have a bit pulling on their horses mouth! We also learned how different bits work.

 Blind Horse

  • We also learned about communicating with our horse using our legs and seat by sitting on a barrel and putting water balloons between our calf and the barrel. Trying to pop the balloons with the correct leg was a hit!

At home: 

  • The Goji berry and Blueberry plants I ordered for friends as gifts came in the mail! My mother in law bought me a Goji berry plant and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! (We ordered from Michigan Bulb).


  • Eron and I made personal burgers one night! His were Jalapeño cream cheese, mine were Spinach and Feta turkey burgers! Both were awesome!
  • I enjoyed my favorite Naked drink. The Green Machine.


  • My mother-in-law brought me some spicy Whataburger Ketchup home form HEB!


Weekend travels: 

  • Two weekends ago we had reservations at Ancient Ovens, a almost secret brick oven restaurant located in Saint Jo, TX. The food was absolutely amazing and the experience was out of this world. The outdoor oven was surrounded by beautiful hills and green trees.
  • This last weekend I visited my family in Grapevine and celebrated my cousins baby shower. My aunt and mom did all the devorating and it was SUPER cute! (Pictures to come).
  • I took pictures of the parents to be and had fun editing them!

IMG_1581 IMG_1582

  • The highlight of the weekend was spending time with my dad on fathers day and watching him lead his college life group at church. It was so easy to feel comfortable in the group and his lesson was made personal and easy to relate with.


A conversation:

Eron and I have been married for almost two years now and sometimes I think the conversations we have are just plan comical.  I have noticed that we like go back and forth for our own entertainment with silly comments and play fights, but their are times where we really and truly disagree or have different approaches to expressing our opinions to one another.

For instance, the night we were making burgers, Eron and I both had our own bowls, we both had our own ingredients, and we both made our own burger patties. Eron finished his first,he pulled out a dinner plate to put the raw patties on, and went outside to turn on the grill. I don’t know if you caught that, but he is putting raw meat on our dinner plates and I could’t help but scrunch up my face. Yuck. Fortunatly he didn’t see the disgusted look on my face and I tried my hardest to come up with a tactful way to say lets not use the dinner plates for raw meat.

I didn’t want to to just bluntly say don’t use the dinner plates for raw meat, because I thought that might seem bossy and rude, so instead I said “Hey baby, I have a really good idea….*Pause* lets use a pan with foil over it for the raw meat… what do you think?”  It came out sounding a little differently then I hoped, a little more like I was talking to a child and his reply was… “Why can’t you just say don’t use  plate, use a pan.” Simple, straightforward, and to the point. Ok, lesson learned. Later on I began combining all the ingredients in my bowl, I cracked an egg and placed the shell back in the carton (bad habit of mine) while I finished mixing.

Eron looks at me and says “Hey how bout you throw the eggshells away.” I just look at him a little deflated at first, and then I said… “Maybe you should say you have a really good idea… we should throw the eggshells away right away,” and then I smiled, and we both laughed… The differences between me and him showed up back to back right in our very own kitchen, and I don’t know about him but I sure learned something! We are different, and need to learn to recognize those differences!


A sleepy picture of Marley. She misses her doggy friends in Grapevine:


Later today I am going to be working on a craft project I hope to share with you!

Does anyone have any favorite moments from the previous weeks?!

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