Better than Prancercising

This is not a new video, I am sure most of you guys have seen it, but I still get a kick out of it…. Prancersicising.

Watching this puts a funny look on my face and I really just don’t understand what is happening….

However, I do like the idea of going somewhere when working out. For example my runs are typically long routes that don’t overlap or repeat themselves.This Morning, I incorporated some circuits into my run and this is what made me think of Prancescise, but don’t worry it was definitely NOT Pransercising.

All you need is a watch and a bike path.

(Maybe I shouldn’t compare my workouts to Prancercising… Oh well.)


After going through each circuit 3 times I finished by running an extra 5 minutes at the end.

I made up separate circuits I could do while continuing on the bike path in order to change things up.

The high knee skips were probably the most comparable portion of the circuit to Prancercising down the bike path (feel free to sub something else in there)… Β I have a feeling that fitness enthusiasts everywhere have probably done workouts that look a little silly anyway.

Good thing we have a giant support group to back us up ;).

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2 thoughts on “Better than Prancercising

  1. Mary

    Please tell me if I ever look like that…..

  2. What is that lady doing? Is that even a lady? That video was interesting…very funny! Your circuit workout looks like a good way to spice up a run! I’ll definitely have to remember this!

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