One Shot at Forever

I am sure I will blog about other books in the future, but as for my YA Book List, this is the final one.  I didn’t keep track of how many books I read total but it had to be over 40…  So, for the grand finale…

One Shot at Forever


I revisited my softball days with One Shot at Forever by Chris Ballard. The author is actually a Sports Illustrated senior writer and he chose to write this true story about the Macon, Illinois baseball team.

As the story developed you would never believe the achievements this small town, small school baseball team, and unordinary coach achieved. Macon is the smallest high school baseball team to ever make it to a state championship against teams that were up to 20 times their size in 1971. This is before teams were split according to school size.

The story of how the coach became a coach, his teaching style, and the small team he had to work with makes it just amazing and literally unbelievable. It is undeniable that the coaches belief in his players and the players relationship with one another helped them overcome all of the odds.

I don’t want to spoil it, so I will just let you know this was an excellent book and if you are in the mood to be inspired then you should read it ASAP.


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