Doggy Candy Canes

If you spoil your dog as much as I do, then you will like this post… Last week, I was introduced to DogVacay Blog. This is a place to find reliable dog boarding when you need a pet sitter! This site also posts training, travel and health tips for dog owners or pretty much anything dog and travel related.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 8.58.50 AM

The Community Coordinator, Priscilla Liang, shared with me a post called 8 Holiday Recipes for Your Dog Too. I was already planning on making dog treats for Christmas gifts, so I was thankful to be pointed to a reliable collection of doggy recipes.

I decided to try out the Doggy Candy Canes, and let miss Marley be the unsuspecting tester.


The ingredients were pretty basic and the recipe can be found here: Doggy Candy Canes .

Some of the steps I took:


Mixing the dry and wet ingredients.


Separating and coloring the dough.


Rolling dough into tablespoon size balls.

The rest is easy, you just take the two colors of dough roll them out into 5 inch strings and twist them around each other to make a candy cane. My results were very cute Candy Cane Dog Treats.


My tester, Marly, couldn’t wait to dig in ;).


She LOVED the flavored candy canes so much, and will be sharing them with all her doggy friends this holiday season!


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