1. not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed.

This word has popped up in my mind lately as I am praying about careers, hopes and future dreams.  Unconventional. The world says you graduate college and get a job. I also feel like there is some pressure to land a job (any job that comes your way) because well the economy is harsh. Plus I live in a smallish city, so opportunities are even more scarce… That is what I believed too.

This belief is frankly out of fear and a squasher of my dreams, so I am shaking things up. Leaving the worlds idea of life far behind me and going God’s way. An unconventional approach (based on what the world says) to living out a purpose. Believing that there are an unlimited amount of opportunities right around the corner.
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2 thoughts on “Unconventional

  1. Having been a dreamer my entire life..having had money and lost money…dreams and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ has always stayed with me; the latter being of more value than money or gold. Amanda, keep the faith and follow your dreams….the Lord will provide.

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