Riding Instructor Thoughts: Measuring Success

During my lessons, I find myself thinking about things I can’t control, and things I can. What I consistently notice, and how riders respond to different lessons. How individuals progress and how certain horses are great for some personalities but not for others.

When I think about the lesson as a whole I typically measure my success, based on the riders success. How can I set them up for success? What does success look like for them?

Each rider has a different measurement of success.

  • Success is measured by the growth in confidence whether over the time span of an hour or six weeks.
  • Success is measured by vocal recognition of things done right during a lesson.
  • Success is measured by progression of skills.
  • Success is measured by making horse and rider communication less visible.
  • Success is measured by meeting rider goals.
  • Success is measured by the tired muscles and mental exhaustion (Yes, I enjoy when riders work hard!)
  • Success is measured by the desire to learn more.
  • Success is measured by my ability to communicate with my rider.
  • Success is measured by how long I can keep a rider focused on the task.

and sometimes its as simple asโ€ฆโ€ฆ


(Yup, he has a Go Pro on his helmetโ€ฆ. Now I get to watch how I teach!)


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