10 Things I Want You to Know.

  • I started a new career as Area Director with Special Olympics Texas in Area 9.
  • I am currently busy planning a big Athletics event as well as some smaller Young Athlete events.
  • I am not afraid of using this blog to recruit volunteers! I am actually not afraid to use any platform to recruit volunteers. Special Olympics is an extremely joy filled organization to volunteer for.
  • I am still giving horseback riding lessons.
  • I am still trying to find a way to balance my riding instructor, career girl and wife life. —> God is so good with helping me.
  • I have had a bumpy first season with IEA scheduling, but would still like to see this program improve in our area.
  • I will have two very special lesson horses to use this summer and one in training. *So many answered prayers*
  • I have not been working out the last two weeks because I am listening to my worn out selfΒ and resting when I can.
  • I started to plan our dinners each night and it really did save us money, but then I became to busy/tired to plan. Oh well!
  • My husband is an incredible man whom I am so blessed by every day. Β I love this life the Lord has given us.



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2 thoughts on “10 Things I Want You to Know.

  1. Do you even know how awesome you are?

    • Mrs. A

      haha πŸ™‚ I just am blown away sometimes by the awesome things that have been put into my life.

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