Finding Freedom in Decision Making

I am reading The Best Yes by author and speaker Lysa Terkeurst and I am thinking that the book was written for me. Making decisions, big or small, ugh I just don’t want to do it sometimes….

I am afraid of missing out, letting go or leaving behind a better option. It has been like this my whole life. Can anyone else relate? When I was trying to decide which college to go to I went back and fourth so many times that when it came time to make the decision I was so mixed up all reason had flown out the window and I basically closed my eyes, held my breath and signed on the dotted line. Opened my eyes panicked ripped up that letter of agreement and chose option B.

So, I really do get worked up over making the decision. Once the decision is made I don’t really worry all that much. It is just the actual decision making that gets me… Anyways, I love The Best Yes and highly recommend it for the frazzled decision makers that are trying desperately to please God and make decisions according to his will.

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