CHA Horsemanship Videos

YouTube safety tips and videos Produced by the Certified Horsemanship Association.

  1. What is CHA? 
  2. The Emergency Stop
  3. Danger Zones on the Ground
  4. The Emergency Dismount
  5. How to Bridle a Horse Correctly
  6. How to Saddle a Horse Correctly
  7. Martingale Adjustment and Fit
  8. How to Perform a Safety Tack Check
  9. How to Fit a Helmet for Horseback Riding
  10. Fitting the Breast Collar and Back Cinch Correctly
  11. Fitting Boots – Sports Medicine Boots, Split Boots and Bell Boots
  12. Correct Riding Position
  13. How to Mount and Dismount Correctly
  14. How to Use a Mounting Block Safely and an Alternate “Leg Up”
  15. Blanketing Your Horse
  16. Horse Vital Signs and How to Take Them
  17. Different Rein Holds
  18. How to Longe a Horse Correctly
  19. How to Fit a Rope Halter
  20. Catching a Horse in a Herd
  21. How to Put on Standing Wraps and Polos
  22. How-to Safely Deworm Your Horse
  23. How-to Safely Adjust English Stirrups
  24. Counting Jump Strides
  25. Two Point, Half Seat, and Light Seat Explained
  26. How-to Safely Hold a Horse for the Vet or Farrier

“These professional videos were produced by CHA for the horse industry and the general public,” says CHA Chief Executive Officer Christy Landwehr.

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