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Repurposed Rake

The only thing I have been able to think about all day is Thanksgiving!! I keep reminding the anxious kid in me that it is Tuesday, and Thursday will be here soon enough!

The thought of spending time with family and friends for an entire four days has me bouncing up off the walls. My day has been filled with good energy that has allowed me to check to-do’s off my list left and right. Run – check, buy eggs and other miscellaneous groceries – check, do laundry – check, wash couch covers check, homework (almost all of it), check, and on, and on.

Some of my grocery shopping took place at Aldi, so I spontaneously treated myself to a Light and Fit Strawberry Lemonade! Only 59 cents and loving it! The cold, lightly carbonated drink was satisfying, especially because it is in the upper 70’s today! CRAZY!

I was even able to finish a project I have been meaning to get to for month’s! Me and my mom bought an old rake at a garage sale with hopes of repurposing it into a necklace holder. Well, that rusty old rake has finally made it from the corner of our outdoor carport, onto the blue wall of our bedroom.

My first step was taking the rake and sawing off the wooden part. I chose to leave about 6 inches of wood connected to the rake.

After sawing off the wood, I grabbed the best cleaning agents I could think of; bleach, baking soda, and dish detergent. I scrubbed the rake for about 10 minutes, removing dirt and rust! While scrubbing I was presently surprised to see that the rake was actually red underneath all that grime!

Once the rake was as clean as I could get it, I let it air dry and pulled out some crafting supplies. I  started by painting the wood with a sponge brush and some antique white, acrylic pain. Then I let it air dry again.

I wanted to add some burlap flowers, but I couldn’t find my burlap fabric… I was bummed until I spotted our broken nightlight! The nightlight had a flower on it, so I decided to repurpose the lamp flower for my repurposed rake!

Next I added an old pearl necklace at the bottom. Ta-Da! Time to hang it up.

While hanging it up, and adding necklaces, I realized some of the bigger necklaces might slide off. Thats when I glued stones to the rake as necklace stoppers. Done!

I like it! What do you think?

Ok, next on my list is to finish my homework and yoga! I am going to a yoga class at the YMCA tonight. Wahoo! Have a good night!

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