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Alongside all the changes that are taking place on my blog, I am going to be starting a new series of posts! This semester I have been assigned a loooong list of YA Literature to read, so I decided to write book reviews, for those of you looking for a good book to read.

Yes, YA stands for Young Adult, and you may not consider yourself a young adult, but my fellow colleagues and I have determined that adult audiences, as well as, the 12-20 year old’s enjoy most of these books.



I chose this novel blindly and was very, very happy with my choice. Pollyanna is a story of a young girl with a tragic circumstances. She is orphaned and sent to live with her “dutiful” aunt, Aunt Polly.

Although Pollyanna is handed lemons throughout her life she is FULL of gladness. Her attitude of gratitude is infectious to the town, and even her readers! Throughout the book you begin to learn the back story behind certain characters and despite what they may be going through, Pollyanna is able to bring joy back into their life. Without her knowing it, her influence is mending brokenness in the town’s people and when factors in Pollyanna’s future become uncertain those people decide they owe the “gladness” back to her.

I absolutely loved the feel good message in this book, and would not hesitate to purchase it. The story reminded me of the same message of thankfulness that Ann Voskamp portrays in her book 1000 Gifts.

You will be able to read all of my reviews in my Books section under the Leadership tab.

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