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Working Hard Working Out

Holding my breath and holding my tongue off on blogging because I have been too uptight to let anything flow from my fingertips, let alone think clearly.

The last few weeks have been intellectually and mentally challenging for me and all though I am still in a limbo period, I can feel my tummy un-knotting itself. I have done what I can and the rest is up to the Lord, and even though I have been overly stressed about my performance I can honestly say that I am grateful for whatever news I get.

A no is good news because it means I can move on, and continue following God’s plans for me. A yes would be great news though. Yes means it would be a time to invest myself further in one direction, build upon a specific purpose, and let God reveal his place for me.

There are quite a few revelations I expect to get this month and I am prepared as much as I humanly can be to hear them all.

As for blogging, I will do my best to give updates, but I am going out of town this week for the CHA International Conference so I don’t know how soon I will be back to share.


As far as working out and staying fit goes, I joined a new fitness place called Geared up Group X. I only joined for a month, but so far I am loving the LesMills class, especially BodyPump.

They are different than a regular gym since they only offer group fitness training, but I really enjoy the fun environment. Plus, I always leave with a good workout and a better attitude :).


This was a BodyCombat class… also LOVE.

So yup, that’s me right now, working hard, learning all I can, giving it all to God, and working out!

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