A Letter About Fear

This fall I signed up with my church for a Bible Study called Stuck by Jennie Allen.  I haven’t done a study written by her before, but I truly appreciate how honest and real she is. She understands what goes on underneath our appearances and pressure to look “good” and “happy” all the time.

In Stuck she dives into sin issues of the heart and has been helping me understand the anxiety and worry that is taking over. Helping me see that my worry and fears are poison and that my choice to ask for forgiveness and live for Jesus has made it unnecessary for me to try and measure up.

One assignment was to use the scripture we read in this chapter and imagine what a personal letter from God might say to us. This is the one I wrote:



and this is the scripture that went with it:

matthew 25-34

1 Peter 224

psalm 23146

Isaiah 558-9

galatians 110

After reading these verses, try and imagine what your own letter might look like.