Friday Man-maker Saturday Swim

If you are a fitness enthusiast, workout-aholic, cross-fitter, or just enjoy a challenge, you might appreciate this newly adopted move called the man-maker… My first encounter with the man-maker was on Jess’s blog at Blonde Ponytail. She shared Crossfit’s Wednesday WOD featuring this challenging combination of exercises.

I was anxious to attempt the man-maker myself, so yesterday, after a 10 minute warmup on the elliptical, I added 10 Man-maker reps to the beginning of workout C of Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp. Tough stuff! I used 15 lb dumbbells, my heart rate was up and I felt so many muscles being rapidly engaged! It’s a keeper! After workout C, I did a 25 minute elliptical interval workout that looked like this:

Minutes Incline Level
0-5:00 10 1
5:00-10:00 15 2
10:00-12:30 11 6
12:30-15:00 16 3
15:00-17:30 12 7
17:30-20:00 17 4
20:00-22:30 13 8
22:30-25:00 10 1

This morning I got up early in order to be at work by 7:00. There were a couple custom cupcake orders for today, and I wanted to make sure they were ready! Before heading out the door I made a peanut-butter banana breakfast quesadilla in an OLE’ low-carb, high fiber wrap.

After work Eron and I headed to OSTC to utilize his work’s pool for a short and sweet workout. I am uneducated in effective pool workouts, so as I suited up I crossed my fingers that I could come up with something that would push me in the short 30 minutes we alloted ourselves. The first 15 minutes I did, I guess what you could call, a treading water interval.

  1. 20 seconds: legs only (held a 2 lb medicine ball above my head)
  2. 20 seconds: arms only
  3. 20 seconds: both arms and legs 
  4. 30 seconds: rest 

*Repeat 10 times! 

This sequence was challenging, causing me to struggle to keep my head above water in the last few minutes. I spent the second half of my pool time swimming laps, utilizing arms and legs separately and together. Pool fitness may have found a place in my week, if anything it serves as a great active semi-rest day.

Tonight Eron and I are going to continue being lazy and possible (if I have my way) get our first Starbucks *red holiday cups* of the season!