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With a little bit of help, the Gifboom embedding problem has been resolved! I talked about my new favorite app in my previous post, Experimenting with Gifboom, and am so excited to experiment more with it! Especially now that I know how to easily share it!

Thank you Sarah at Simply Sarah! I am so happy you guys can see my silly little workout visual!

Lung forward, back, squat, squate! gifBOOM success!

This was Sarah’s advice:“If you were embedding it by copying and pasting, try this: in the top right, click the “text” divider and then copy and paste. Then, you can go back to visual to finish editing and writing your post. Click publish and see if it works!”

Silly me… Why didn’t I think of that!

Now it is on! Here comes Marley! 

Oh look, Eron’s Home! 

I don’t know how you feel but, too many of those things seem to make the page kind of crazy! More than one GIF might be a little overstimulating, but lets just roll with it for now!

What do you think about Gifboom? 

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