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Happy New Years 2014

Happy Happy New Year! It is beautiful today with a high of 60 degrees! I don’t have any new years resolutions that involve working out or running miles and miles. Looking back at last year I ran my half marathon, which was my big 2013 goal and I even blogged about it:

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 12.28.01 PM


I don’t know if I have ever accomplished a new years resolution before that one, so I am going to call it a huge success!

I will continue to work out and stay fit, in fact right after posting this I am heading out for a mile run and then spend some quality time with Rodney Yee for a Yoga session. Relaxing, feeling good, and enjoying my health.

My resolutions/goals are greater, and they will definitely be something I will have to work on daily.

I want to: 

  1. I want to spend more time each day helping my husband and reaching out to people.
  2. Wake up and spend time with the Lord every single morning.
  3. Become a better riding instructor, continue learning all I can.
  4. Keep up with my bible reading plan with my women’s small group.

I am excited for 2014 and all that is in store. Plus, 2014 is the year of the horse, so I think that is a good sign for goal number 3!


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