Discontent or Driven?

This morning started with rain, coffee, and Jesus. 🙂


Discontent or Driven

Why change? Why grow? Why press forward with dreams and goals?

You might feel like answer to this is obvious, like duh, it is just what we are supposed to do right?  … or maybe you think growth will come naturally like your life is predetermined and you will get where you get no matter what you do. Finally, it might also be previous experiences or circumstances that are keeping you from driving forward…

My attitude towards change and growth is a bit obsessive. Right in the middle of “pressing on toward the goal…(Phil. 3:14)” and an attitude of discontentment (I want to do something different).

When I reach the stage of discontentment in my life, then I know it is not from God. It is not “pressing on toward the goal of what Christ has called me to (Phil. 3:14),” but it is restlessness in my self.

When I read my bible and come across scripture that says be “content in all circumstances (Phil. 4:11),” yet also read scripture on being “called” to something or living out God’s “purpose” for my life, I realize contentment and growth are not in the same context and should not be compared. Recognizing your level of contentment, however, can be used to determine your motive for change.

Be content (do not want), but take action on the dreams and goals that have been put into your heart. If you are in a close relationship with God you can be certain your desires are his desires for your life.

Well, how do I know when I need to take a step to grow? One major indicator is my level of contentment… Do I want a change of scenery because I am bored, restless, and unhappy? Or do I want to change the world! Do I want to affect peoples lives in a way that will show them who Jesus really is just by following my dreams?

Yesterday ,while I was writing in some discussion boards for class, I had Downton Abby on as background noise. One quote caught my attention,

“You have a talent that none of the rest of us have. Just find out what it is and use it. It’s doing nothing that’s the enemy.”
— “Sybil Crawley”, Downton Abbey (Season 2, Episode 2)

Doing nothing is the enemy. I have to agree with Sybil… Taking action is what puts your talents and gifts to use. Forget the difficulties you have gone through and remember the circumstances you have overcome.

Blog Transformation

I recently changed the title of my blog because my goals and passions are changing. It has been hard, lately, to post on Balancing on Honey because some of the things I wanted to share didn’t seem to fit with the title. I want to share my faith, my fitness, and now my life lessons while working with horses and finding my place in the equestrian industry which made –> Running Shoes and Cowgirl Boots: Balancing on honey every step of the way.

I wanted to share everything about camp at the therapeutic riding facility, riding lessons I have taught and things I have learned, but it just didn’t fit. My blog is my platform, and it needed a remodeling job for me to fully express what I am all about!

One more thing, I started this post with deciphering between discontentment and moving forward with personal growth because that has been something I have had to pray about A LOT. Why do I want to change my blog, and is this just a phase or is this desire to work with horses and people something God has vested in me?

I have confidently decided that this is not a phase, and my blog (since it helps me share and workout my thoughts) is one step in pressing on toward what God has called me to.

Happy Wednesday Face:

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