Colfax Half Recap and Recovery

One and a half weeks later….

Two Sundays ago, I ran my VERY first half marathon EVER. Not playing softball competitively has left me searching for a way to continue feeling like an athlete and thankfully I like to run. I like lifting too but the running community is so encouraging and supportive that it is hard not to feel like winner when you cross the finish line.

I have done multiple 5k’s, a 15k, and an obstacle run, but the half marathon was by far my favorite post-softball achievement. It was a something to be proud of because I trained over 12 weeks for this race. I knew it wouldn’t be easy so I had to prepare, just like I used to prepare for a tough pitcher by spending hours in the batting cage.

The pink (sweat pink!) laces were faded on race day, but I was counting on them to get me through their last 13.1 miles. The whole time I trained had been without music, so I decided to run the half unplugged as well. I focused on the beautiful Colorado scenery, the joy of running with my cousins, and the positive energy that all the excited runners were putting off.

I was nervous the altitude would get to me, and that running the Colfax half marathon for my first half would be a bad idea. It turned out that it was actually a good idea, and I am hoping it will make my next half that much easier :). My times was 2:09:15.

Before the race!

Before the race!

We ran through the Denver Zoo! Pink Flamingos!


Elephant hiding!


Loved running towards the American flag!

Colfax half

After the race!

Finishers Medal!

Finishers Medal!


Immediately after crossing the finish line I felt dizzy. I knew if I didn’t keep moving there would be trouble. I actually lost Casey, my cousin, who had been with me and was in a state of tunnel vision. That dizzy black out feeling isn’t new to me, and I knew it just needed time to pass. Finally it had ceased and I collected some race goodies, a blueberry bagel and met up with family.

The first moment of recovery was the long walk back to my dads truck! It wasn’t planned but I think it helped so much to keep my muscles moving, even though they were super tired. I devoured a blueberry bagel on the walk back and began to think positive thoughts to keep my mind off the muscle fatigue… The rest of the day I drank tons of water,  fruit punch Nuun tablets (LOVE), and stretched. Those Nuun tablets are so AWESOME. I drank the fruit punch flavor which was a very refreshing, yet light taste, that is meant to replenish. All i had to do was drop it in my water and it quickly dissolved into a bubbly beverage.

I also hydrated with Coconut water by mixing it with EAS Lite protein, and made sure to stretch and do lots of yoga the days following the half.

1/2 a can of coconut water with EAS Myoplex Lite! YUM

1/2 a can of coconut water with EAS Myoplex Lite! YUM

On day 4 post race, I did a short mile jog and body weight circuit. I have added lifting back into my routine and have been running up to three miles lately. For the summer I want to focus mostly on strength training and developing the muscles I need to condition the Whispers of Hope horses.

This was the workout I completed today:


It was a pretty quick workout that seems like a good base for adding to as your muscles get stronger and more conditioned!