We DON’T stop at stop signs

Have you ever been really moved during a workout? It might sound strange to you but I tend to hear God speak to me loudest through a good workout. Most of my runs are minus the music because I want to be ready incase God has something to reveal to me. If I do bring my music I typically bust out the miles until I have nothing left in me, then, exhausted, at my breaking point, I turn the music off for the cool down. I prepare myself for any hurts or issues I have been holding back, and I also anticipate being filled back up with encouragement and hope.

Sometimes I need some help focusing on the Lord, and what He is saying to me. When I have trouble focusing on God, I am usually feeling discontent, impatient and anxious. This is the best time for me to go running. I will download a couple podcasts, slip on my running shoes and head out the door. This is about where todays workout comes in.

Today, I have been feeling a little discouraged about my direction. I am working part-time at T.G.S. Cupcakery and getting my Masters in Library and Information Science. I feel completely lead to study library and information science, but completely in the dark about what is to come next. I needed a pick me up.

Lynette Lewis is a professional speaker that happened to have a couple podcasts available from a New Life Women’s conference. I had never heard of Lynette or New Life Women, but I decided to give it a shot. The particular podcast I listened to is called Equipping Tools to Influence. It was the second of four sessions from the conference. Boy does she make me want to dream BIG! Not only dream big, but to dream with Jesus.

Lynette is captivating, quotable and full of dreams. I loved listening to this podcast because it fired me up to go after my dreams. She gave me the confidence not to discredit my desires, and she pumped me up to “be a women of influence!”

The conference was called Women of Influence, and Lynette addressed seven attributes of women of influence:

  1. Women of influence multiply
  2. Women of influence are healed and whole
  3. Women of influence know their purpose- They have many missions, but one purpose.
  4. Women of influence dream on all cylinders
  5. Women of influence overcome- We DON’T stop at stop signs! – My personal favorite 
  6. Women of influence lead others and they need others
  7. Women of influence

*I highly encourage searching her out and listening to this series!

My workout today was so exciting because it involved a stop sign! A stop sign that would have been SO easy to stop at, but that would only get me halfway through what I wanted to accomplish! Let me share….

Here is the “We DON’T stop at stop signs work out!” 

  • Run 1 mile to the YMCA tractor tire.
  • Flip that tire 25 times

  • Run .5 miles to the stop sign. (this is the stop sign we DON’T stop at)
  • Do 30 burpees, 30 squats, and 30 pushups

  • Run back .5 miles to the tractor tire
  • Flip it 25 times
  • Final stretch- run 1 mile home.

Throughout the whole workout I was thinking about Lynette’s podcast. It would be so easy to stop. Each interval presented a new challenge, and I could easily call it quits, turn around and go back home. Then I asked myself, what would be accomplished from stopping? Nothing! I want to keep going!

My stop signs in life are making me stronger. I gain experience and a new direction at each appointed opportunity. I often relate my professional growth to my athletic career, each day I am training and preparing for the big moments.