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Whole30 Done and a Digital Identity

Two things:

1.) Whole30 Wrap-Up

For the month of March I went 30 days with no grains, dairy, preservatives, alcohol, or sugar. What I survived thrived on was lots and lots of veggies, meat, eggs, sweet potatoes some fruit, sun butter, coconut anything, and totally tried Kombucha. I thrived because even though I missed chocolate terribly, I felt amazing! SO good.

One of the best things that happened was a rash that had been all over my arms and shoulders, back and legs, for the past 7 months (I know, I know… see a doctor already) disappeared! I assumed the rash was eczema, related to dry weather and stress, but when it vanished I was convinced that nutrition must play a roll! Especially when I celebrated my end of the Whole30 with Easter rolls and cake and the rash flared up not 15 minutes later…. Proof ahead… avert your eyes if you don’t like rash-y skin pictures….

Yucky.. This is very minor compared to Pre-Whole30

Yucky.. This is very minor compared to Pre-Whole30

Other than a cleared up rash, I also noticed these benefits to the program:

  • No more bloating
  • Much more energy
  • I can’t prove this, but my hair felt healthier/shinier
  • I didn’t experience any cramping while running (major win)
  • and I lost roughly 3-5 lbs

So, what now… Maybe I should go see a dermatologist about my rash problems… but in the meantime, I really love how my body felt this past month, so I have decided to eat mostly grain and dairy free, as well as, avoid added sugar. I plan to do this, well, FOREVER! I love it that much!

2.) A New Blog Title

I really love what the title Balancing on Honey means to me, but I also want people to know who I am when they read my blog. As a college graduate, pursuing a masters, searching for a career, and interested in digital media and information, I want to create a digital identity that is who I am. I want to add value to others by sharing knowledge (John Maxwell), as well as, be a women of influence (Lynette Lewis). I will always turn to God’s word for balance, and I hope it remains prevalent in my blog posts, but I also want an online presence that remains consistent.

Since I am heading in the direction of self-hosting my blog, these minor details are important, and I have some tough decisions to make! Like switching my title to my full name…. any suggestions are appreciated.

A little information on a digital identity:

  • A digital identity/online identity, is a social identity created to represent oneself in an online environment (Wikipedia – Online Identity)
  • Your digital identity is ALL of your information available via the web (The Value of Our Digital Identities )
  • There are ways to manage your digital identity, to maintain a positive image

Most of all, I completely support that “the digital you matters.”

the-digital-you-matters-identity-in-the-internet-age_5089694bc58e1-1(Source: The Digital You Matters)




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