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New Title and Life Changes

GOOD MORNING! I am SO glad to be writing to you guys, but I bet you are you feeling a little lost and confused. Well, don’t worry, it is still me…


Balancing on Honey is going through a transformation and you get to watch it slowly progress! I want to share my life and everything I learn in this blog, so I decided the title needed a change.Everyone who gives blog tips and writes blogs tells you don’t change your title. Take your time and pick the title that will love and stick with it. Well, my life is changing, therefor I feel  the need to change my title.

I could start a new blog entirely, but then I would lose everything I have already written. It just makes more sense to me to change my title, keep sharing my thoughts, and hope that it doesn’t throw my readers off too much!

Let me briefly explain… I still love to workout and be active yet I am now back in the saddle giving riding lessons and discovering where God wants me in the equestrian world. <— That will be another post though.

So, I still get this view in my running shoes:


But I also get this view in my Cowgirl Boots (and that is this season of life’s title):



Anyways, you are now looking at the home of Running Shoes and Cowgirl Boots. More transforming is to come!



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