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Thanksgiving Re-cap

O-RE-Oh, OreeeO, O-RE-Oh, OreeeO. Yup, we saw Wreck-it Ralph on Saturday, and I think the name of the game Sugar Rush, just about sums up my Thanksgiving break. Blogging was the last thing on my mind while I was with family, and quite frankly, I did not have very many healthful things to blog about :). Here is the good news though; Eron and I spent a perfectly distributed 72+ hours with my cousins, my mom, and my dad. We were able to enjoy our sweet time together, so the pumpkin pies and breads that happened to land on my plate, and than into my mouth, were not dwelled upon. They were enjoyed!

Here are a few recaps of my holiday weekend: Thursday morning I woke up and went for a long run with my friend Melissa. When we got back I got started on my first attempt of homemade stuffing. I used Martha Stewert’s Simple Stuffing Recipe and added sage.


Once the stuffing was done we headed to my in-laws to hangout and help prepare the rest of our turkey lunch. Here is a picture of the Grandma Brown sitting at the beautiful table Jenny set for us!

Favorite dish=  the sweet potato casserole! It was mashed sweet potatoes with a candy coated pecans on top. YUM! After lunch we relaxed and played with our nephew, Joseph, outside.

Thursday night we headed to turkey dinner number two at, our friends, Joe and Whitney’s house. The house smelled wonderful, filled with a mixture of warm turkey in the oven, as well as, sweet and buttery sides. Favorite dish = Whitney’s homemade crescent rolls (passed down in a secret recipe from her great grandmother) and her extra creamy mashed potatoes. We had pie and played Farkle late into the night.

Friday morning I got in a quick strength workout before packing up the car and heading to my aunt Sue’s! We snacked on pretzels and pumpkin bread while turkey dinner number three  was finishing up. This time I opted for the ham instead of turkey! Favorite dish = Shannon’s green bean casserole and Aunt Sue’s stuffing! After dinner we got bundled up to go to the Fort Worth Parade of Lights! It was a long line to get on the bus, but so worth the family time! Here we are in line in the first picture and that is Santa on the parade float!

After the parade we hurried to Kelly’s house for dessert and home made hot chocolate. My mom made a Dashing Dish Pumpkin Trifle and it was a winner!

Saturday we were able to sleep in before meeting back up with the cousins to head to the tree farm. My cousins have managed to keep our childhood tradition of Christmas tree cutting alive and I didn’t want to miss out this year! We went to the Mainstay Farm in Ft. Worth, which is by far the best tree farm we have been to. There was so much to do, and it was close to home! Regrettably, I took very few pictures, but here are some on the peddle go-carts, My cousin Casey coming down the giant slide, and Eron tying up the trees.

Once uncle Steve cut down his tree we loaded up and headed home.

After the long day of outdoor activity we opted for a movie night with my dad and brothers. The movies were super crowded and forced us to find a theatre to buy tickets in advance for Wreck-it Ralph. This was a very cute family friendly movie.

Finally, Sunday morning came and I started my day with a quick 3 mile run before heading to church with Eron and my dad. After church we ate brunch at the Snooty Pig, my all time favorite breakfast place to eat at in Colleyville. The weekend went by way to fast, but my mom and I were able to make our yearly homemade Christmas gift before Eron and I packed up to leave for Wichita Falls.

Overall it was a great Thanksgiving filled with gratitude and enjoyable family time. The only thing I wish I would have done is take more pictures!! Anyways, now that all the turkey dinners’ are over it is time to get busy working out and eating clean!

Last nights workout: I wanted to do a Super Spin class at the YMCA so I saved Tina’s BBBC circuit workout for today and subbed it with a quick circuit of all my favorite lifts before super spin! Some of the lifts come from Tina’s BBBC, some from old softball workout’s, and some from who knows where I got it!


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