Do Not Disturb

Its lunch time for me so I am taking a moment to type up a quick post. I also snapped a picture of this hungry girls ginormous salad!


In my salad…. Lettuce, spinach, zucchini, Roma tomato, black beans, cottage cheese, turkey and italian dressing = refreshing. I had the same thing yesterday and couldn’t wait to make it again.

This morning I did a quick but much sweatier then it looks workout from Blonde Ponytail. I have loved every workout I have tried from her blog so far, plus she is an ex softball player too, so that makes me love her more :).

I started with a 10 min warm-up run and then did her  At Home Medicine Ball Workout .

Which involved:

  • swings
  • sit-ups
  • push-ups
  • bridges
  • lunges
  • russian twists
  • thrusters
  • planks
  • burpees

Quick and effective, just the way I like it. I highly recommend you check it out.

Do Not Disturb

Now that my lunch and workout are covered, I have been thinking. Have you ever been like totally awake in your house while someone else is trying to sleep? I never realized how noisy I was until I tried to be quiet for two sleepy sleepers (two because my college kid brother is living with us and he sleeps ALL the time). Sigh…. I miss the days of guiltless naps. Anyways this is what happens…. My alarm goes off and I stretch, slipping one toe out from under the covers and onto the ground. Then the other one. Our room is like the black hole with not even one drop of light, so each step is taken with caution, hoping not to kick Marley in the face… Again. Even though I know where the dresser is and has always been, I slam into it at least once. Pause, to listen for an awakened sleeper and keep moving. I think I hold my breath until I finally make it to the bathroom.

Once out of the bathroom I am good, until it is time to shower… and get dressed (matching clothes has become a game of chance). Needless to say I prolong that as long as possible. I have some time before I need to get ready anyways, so what is there to do?

I will tell you what I can’t do…

  • Make a smoothie (Blender is too loud)
  • Vacuum ( no No NO)
  • Laundry –> that would involve navigating through the black hole again.
  • mow the lawn
  • and by NO means let any light in the bedroom!

So what can I do? Well there are lots of things I can still do.

  • Dishes are difficult for a clumsy me but it can be done!
  • Work out – outside (Just remember that comes with finding the shower again. Oh and clothes that match)
  • Pretty much anything that involves staying in one place and not talking (Our house is smallish).

As you can see our sleep schedules are a little different, that comes with challenges, and although this is a silly post, I am having fun adapting. I think it is because I look highly on a good nights sleep. Meaning this girl cannot function without it. 🙂